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9 сентября 2016 года офис Международной организации «Щит» посетил Президент организации «Украино-палестинская дружба» Фаяс Амро

На встрече присутствовали: советник по работе с арабскими странами Алхамуд Хамуд Мохаммад, руководитель Департамента по делам со студентами Мостафа Мохсен Заглюл Ибрагим и его заместитель Мустафа Абдельхамид Заглул и директор  Международного центра здравоохранения Довах Ахмад.

Во время встречи президенет  Международной организации «Щит», глава Комитета по вопросам национальностей и религий Профессор Дагер Салех и доктор Фаяс Амро подписали письмо-обращение к  генеральному секретарю ООН Пан Ги Муну об освобождении палестинских политических заключённых и о беззаконии на окупированных Израилем палестинских земель. В завершении Доктор Фаяс Амро поблагодарил профессора Дагера Салеха Мухамеда и представителей организации за теплый, дружеский прием, пожелав Международной организации «Щит» успехов в работе и дальнейшего процветания.

To the UN secretary General  Ban Ki-moon

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is one of the sharpest problem in the world during the last 68 years. Daily in the world is going the work on destruction of all data about about the existence of  Palestine. In 1948, Israel declared its independence in the native Palestinian lands. Palestinians  are illegally deprived of their motherland; they are homeless on the earth of their ancestors.

The territory of Palestinian Authority is controlled by the Israeli forces, but the legal system is different here from Israel. Israel has civilian criminal law applicable in the civil courts. In the West Bank and part of East Jerusalem is working resolutions of wartime, applicable in the military courts and carried out by the Israeli military command. Thus unified right does not exist here.

Nowadays, approximately 6,000 Palestinian political prisoners are in Israel’s prison. Of these, 450 juveniles and 60 women. Especially it should be noted the difficult conditions, essential features of which are: cramped, stuffy and unsanitary conditions in cells total, as well as arbitrariness jailers. Inhumane conditions substantially and irrevocably undermine the health of each  prisoners, and in particular children and women.

Palestinians serving sentences, often without trial, they cant see the  relatives and friends, what is most often used as a means of pressure to sign the documents about  not doing  crimes, which are composed in Hebrew.

Infringement of the rights of the Palestinian people, namely the political prisoners, can not continue to remain silent all around  the world. The Palestinians can not continue to be held hostage to the circumstances, they can not live in constant tension and action of restriction of freedom. Together, we need to work on the release of illegally detained Palestinian civilians.

The President of the   International Congress on Protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens «Shield»

                      Professor Daher Saleh Muhamed

The President of the  Organization «Ukrainian-Palestinian  Friedship»

                     Dr. Fayez Amro

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