Европа требует, чтобы РФ остановила войну в Сирии
بالوثائق السرية آسانج ويكيليكس يكشف الخطط الامريكية لاسقاط دمشق
عرض كل

(English) The protection of children entrusted to the world By the human rights activist and humanitarian Egyptian Abdul Rahim Aboualemcarm Hammad, head of the defense committee and freedoms and fact-finding the international organization (Shield)

There is no secretariat in the neck of the world outweigh the sanctity in children, and it is the duty rises in importance above everyone’s respect for children’s rights, because the protection and respect of human rights protection as a whole for the future.

Although the international community has not ignored the interest of children and their need for protection and Alraihwalahtmam, but we are what we see in many parts of the world violations of children’s rights is a cause of deep sadness.
However, most of these violations and the most dangerous of all is that occur to children as a result of the outbreak of wars and conflicts, chaos and conflicts, and that you leave behind large numbers of victims, most of them have children.
It has to be a strong year of the theme protect children from the effects of hostilities in international disputes and non-international, and research in the special protection of children from the effects of fighting Relief and family reunification and the evacuation of children from besieged or encircled areas burning of wars and turmoil and persecution, and discussed the protection of children from the threat of mines Earth, has to be activated and a commitment to ban the involvement of children in armed conflict before and after the protocol optional in 1977 to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and Protocol Rights of the Child 1989 Convention on the involvement of children in armed conflicts in 2000, and discussed the legal status of children participating in hostilities.

What about the role of the United Nations and the international criminal judiciary in the protection of children?
Where international humanitarian law in the light of those unfortunate ones that suffer human events, led by children?
Where the role of the leading international bodies concerned with the protection of children in international humanitarian law and of UNICEF and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) models?
.tlk Is part of our questions to protect innocent people and humanity as a whole, led by the weak namely children

We hope and we hope that our call and our campaign to protect children and be realized in an effective and tangible on the ground

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