Подписание меморандума о сотрудничестве между Международной организацией «Щит» и Международным Благотворительным Фондом «Материнской Славы»
النساء يشتغلن 39 يوما إضافيا في العام أكثر من الرجال حسبما خلص تقرير
عرض كل

(English) The signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the International Organization of “The Shield” and the International Charitable Foundation ” Glory of Mother “

On October 26, 2016 The President of the International organization “Shield”, Professor Daher Saleh Muhamed and President of the International Charity Found  “Glory of Mother ” Yuri Alexandrovich Kuklin, signed the Memorandum of cooperation with the purpose of  interaction between the sides and  implementation of the programm ” The spiritual, cultural and patriotic revival of Ukraine, the revival of the family institution, spirituality and moral principles “

At the signing of the Memorandum were the vice-president of the International organization “Shield” – Matyakin Alexander Georgievich, the adviser for work with the Arab countries Alhamud Hamoud Mohammad, and the head of the International Health Center – Ahmad Dovah.

At the end of the meeting both sides expressed hope for the further fruitful cooperation, the aspiration to work in the conditions of close communication, to help socially unprotected segments of the population,, and to promote the dissemination of information about the positive cooperation experience.

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