Ответ Службы Безопасности Украины и Генеральной Прокуратуры Украины для Международной организации «Щит» относительно дела Закусило Елены
الأمير تشارلز يقدم نسخة الكترونية لصفحات أقدم مصحف في العالم إلى الإمارات
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(English) An answer from Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine to the International Organization “Shield” concerning question about Zakusilo Elena

On November 4, 2013 on the TV channel STB showed the  program “Lie Detector” with participant Elena Zakusilo. During participation she reported  the data about cruelly and  violence  during military conflict between Lebanon and Israel in 2006, in which Elena allegedly took part on the side of the Israeli army.

This woman said, that she the killed people, including children, and also said that  Arabs took part  in the military action, including the Palestinians, whose, with her words, sent their children to death, carrying out terrorist acts, and getting  for that money  in the amount of $ 50 thousand. Zakusilo accused Palestinian mothers that they are doing their children’s “suicide bomber” and suggested that they do not care about the life of their children.

After that made statement Zakusilo what  Arab mothers talk about their children’s suicide bomber: “So what, we  will give birth to five more.” She emphasize that such actions during the war are daily. Human rights activists of the International organization “Shield” were indignant of such false statements and immediately sent a complaint to the Security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

But  on December 26, 2013 SBU by results of check has reported that Elena Zakusilo lied simply live . “Zakusilo Elena did not take part in armed conflicts, including  between Lebanon and Israel, and didn’t stay as the soldier of Israel Defense Forces. All  that Zakusilo told in the  program  ” lie detector ” isn’t true.

“The answers to the questions she gave in accordance with the scenario, prepared by the chief editor of the TV program” -said in the letter signed by the SBU temporarily executing duties chief Department of protection of national statehood O. Sosnowski. On 8 January, 2014 we to direct the complaint to the director general TV channel STB Vladimir Borodyanka, in which we asked to give an official explanation of this action live.

According to the President of the International Organization”Shield”, Professor Daher Saleh Muhamed, such cases must be immediately stopped, as “statements of this kind in the first place, kindle  ethnic and religious strife, promoting war and justify the killing of children during armed conflicts. We will continue to struggle for the establishment of peace in the world, for the normalization of relationship between nations and peoples. “

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