Правозащитники Международной организации «Щит» сдвинули с мёртвой точки досудебное следствие по уголовному делу.
كلينتون بعد الهزيمة: عرضت العمل مع ترامب
عرض كل

(English) Defenders of the International organization “Shield” putted in motion the pretrial investigation on criminal case.

About a year ago, the International organization “Shield” addressed Rabbi Mohammed Al-Sari with complained on the biased investigation of the criminal case under part 1 of article 122 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – drawings to him injuries by convicts, threats of murder, abuses of administration of establishment.

23. 06. 2008 in term of imprisonment in Zhitomir corrective labor colony number 4, leading to disability and  has not yet completed the investigation of the criminal case by October 2010.

The victim still could not get clearly information, at what stage was the consideration of the criminal case. The actions of prosecutors and investigators, in our view, viewed latent crime ( corruption). That is why representatives of the International organization “Shield” asked the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and Commissioner on Human Rights to Verkhovna Rada in promoting the restoration of violated rights of the citizen Rabbi Mohammed Al-Sari.

After some period was received a letter from Parliament Commissioner on Human Rights, the content of which it was stated that during the pre-trial investigation the victim’s rights were indeed violated. In order to eliminate disturbances and re-investigation of the events we have appointed a new inspector. Already forgotten thing did he set the ball rolling. The international organization “Shield” will continue to continue to fight for the violated rights of the citizen Rabbi Mohammed Al-Sari.

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