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The international organization “Shield” provided humanitarian assistance to migrants from the hot spots of Ukraine

On November 23, 2016 President of the International organization “Shield” Daher Saleh Muhammed with his constant helpers – Vice President Matyakin Alexander Georgievich, Advisor on business with the Arab countries – Alhamud Hamouda, Director of the International Health Center – Ahmad Dovvahom, lawyers and activists of the organization ” Shield “, as well as the head of the Odessa regional organization of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine – Rabotin Yuri Medvedev and President of the Foundation” Parent glory “Yury Kuklin visited the Centre for social and psychological assistance in the city of Odessa, in the territory which is home to about 300 people (70 of whom are children), left without a roof over their head and means of subsistence for various reasons: migrants from eastern Ukraine; orphans; women and children affected by domestic violence.

Forces of the organization “Shield” was collected humanitarian aid in the form of food, fruit, juice.

As Daher Saleh Muhamed said: “We, the residents of the peaceful regions, even with all the modern informativenes, difficult to understand and comprehend the level of tragedy, people from Eastern Ukraine. They lived like everything to work, relax, learn, rejoice and grieve. War broke into their house quickly, without giving time to reflect on what happened and training. People are frustrated with people, almost no time to pack up. Capturing the most necessary, they went in every possible way in the neighboring regions, getting new status – immigrants. Literally from the first days of the needed material assistance to refugees, as people often did not have a basic essential items, personal hygiene products, not to mention the food. That is why our organization from the very beginning of the conflict constantly assisting the displaced. The most important thing – to make them understand that they are not left anyone redundant. Among immigrants, there are people whose movement is impossible without a wheelchair. They, more than anyone else, need constant material and moral support, as they do not and will not be able to survive on their own in this difficult time for Ukraine. “

The international organization “Shield” will continue to support refugees from Eastern Ukraine and the world, as one of the priority objectives of the congress “The Shield,” is to ensure and protect the legitimate rights and interests of socially unprotected people around the world, supporting and assisting those who desperately in need thereof.

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