The International Committee for the Defense of Human Rights honors Saleh Muhamed Daher on the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
daher Saleh was awarded by the Honorary Diploma of the Chief of Military Medical Clinical Centre of the South region

Honored Dr. Saleh Muhamed Daher, The president of “International Congress SHIELD” United States Institute of Peace

Honored Dr. Saleh Muhamed Daher, The president of the NGO “International Congress for the Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens – SHIELD” after he passed an online training course at the United States Institute of Peace He obtained the certificate of completing the online, self-paced course on the topic: Introduction to Peacebuilding on 05/25/2021.
Where the themes revolved around Explore an overview of the peacebuilding field and introduce the skills needed to succeed in it, guided through an exploration of USIP’s 30+ year experience engaging with local partners in conflict zones around the world, learners are exposed to a set of key theories, skills, and approaches to building peace and to real-world examples that exemplify the complexity of peacebuilding.

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